9 Women’s Tops That Will Give A Fashionable Look

It is always a struggle to choose which top to wear the next day or for the next event that you are going to attend. You must choose wisely because the top will speak of your style and personality. You don’t want to give a bad impression with an ugly top, especially if that is a date or a formal event. Here are 9 cute yet stylish women’s tops that you can buy now.

1. Long Sleeve Cozy Wrap Top

This top is the perfect match for your high-waist jeans or any high-waist pants that you have in your wardrobe. The wrap detail at the front is enough to give you a sense of style. The V-neckline also looks cute. Wear this top with any necklace that you have for a cute look.

2. Short-Sleeve Tee Bodysuits

This is a set of two short-sleeve tee bodysuits. You’ll get this in two colors, namely gray and white. What’s great about bodysuits is that they highlight your beautiful body curve. This bodysuit is fitted to your body.

3. Short-Sleeve Plunge Top

It’s time to embrace the true you and be proud of your body. Remember that you are always enough. Wear this top to exude confidence and power. This features a baby doll silhouette that will make you look cute and stylish.

4. Herringbone Stitch Cardigan

There’s nothing wrong with choosing comfortable and cozy tops over sexy ones. First of all, when the top is comfortable you get to move freely. This cardigan will help you stay cozy during cold days. To add more style, you are free to layer it.

5. Square Neck Bodysuit

If you always struggle with achieving that flawless tucked-in shirt, bodysuits are for you. They help you style with so much ease and comfort. This is skin-tight so it will fit you. The square neck is also very stylish.

6. Essential Easy Tee

You can never have too many t-shirts in your closet. Even though you already have a lot of them, you will, for sure, still need more. They are for everyday wear. If you run out of ideas for what to wear, you can just wear them tucked in with a trouser or a skirt. They are super versatile.

7. Long Sleeve Cut Out Bodysuit

Maybe you want to challenge yourself and see if you can pull off this cutout bodysuit. Or, you want to change your style and wear something you don’t usually wear. No matter the case, this top can help you look fashionable and cute at the same time.

8. Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

You can wear this shirt on formal occasions. If you want to style it and make it look casual, you can pair this with your high-waist jeans. This button-up shirt will make you look not only fashionable but also formal.

9. Long-Sleeve Waffle Polo

The polo features a no-button Johny collar which will help you get cozy and comfortable while wearing it. The fabric is soft and sits perfectly on your skin. The polo is not fitted so it’s also breathable.