Women’s All Birds Shoes

On the hunt for sustainable, sturdy, and stylish footwear? We’d suggest taking a look at the New Zealand based shoe brand All Birds. The two owners, Tim and Joey, made it their mission to create eco-friendly footwear inspired by natural materials. We created a list to highlight some of our favorite All Birds women’s shoes to make your shopping choices easier.

Let’s take a look.

1. Women’s Tree Dasher 2

The upper fabric of the Women’s Tree Dasher is made out of FSC Certified eucalyptus trees. This fabric provides breathability and lightweight flexibility. The making of the tree fabric also uses 95% less water than the average cotton shoe. This model is ideal for lighter workouts, walking, and short-distance runs.

2.Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

A common misconception about wool shoes is that they can’t get wet. That is not the case for All Birds woolen shoes. This merino wool fabric has a water-repellent shield to account for any type of weather or terrain. Perhaps one of the best features of this model though is the castor bean oil-based insole. The castor bean oil insole is incredibly comfortable and also emits substantially less carbon than traditional petroleum-based products.

3.Women’s Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus

The Women’s Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus has all of the water-repellant properties of the classic Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles and more. In addition, this model also has rubber track pads on the sole for traction and a mudguard overlay. If there was ever a shoe designed for damp climates, it’s these.

4.Women’s Wool Dasher Mizzles

The intense traction grips on these sneakers, along with other water-repellant properties, make this pair ideal for running in the rain. This model also sports reflective details to provide visibility for runners while out and about.

5.Women’s Tree Loungers

These slip-on sneakers provide fashion, ease, and comfort. Most slip-on sneakers have a flat sole which can quickly cause discomfort. These, however, have a strategically cushioned insole to provide comfort and support. The breathable eucalyptus fiber makes these shoes ideal for warmer weather.

6.Wool Dwellers

Talk about comfort. These slippers came about as an answer to the question, “what do we do with all of these wool scraps?” The Wool Dwellers are creatively constructed out of the scraps of other wool designs. Sustainable, comfortable, and practical.

7.Women’s Wool Runner Fluffs

When first looking at these fluffy white shoes, you might only think about how easy it would be to get them dirty. All Birds took that into account and made them machine washable. This fluffy sneaker is not only an attention-getter, but they’re also warm, cozy, and perfect for cooler weather.

8.Women’s Wool Piper Woven

Fun fact, the shoelaces for this model and every other model of All Birds are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Talk about sustainability. When it comes to the fabric, this model specifically takes eventual stretching and pilling into account by having a denser and tighter weave.

9.Women’s Wool Breezers

Looking for something a little dressier? Perhaps check out this merino wool ballet flat. These are perfect for work or simply for wearing out and about. All Birds states that these shoes have a carbon footprint of 4.45 kg CO2e. And since All Birds is a certified Climate Neutral business, they detail their plan to balance emissions in the product description. This information is listed with every shoe on their website making them a wonderful sustainable brand to support.

10.Women’s Tree Toppers

This minimalist high-top design sports the breathable eucalyptus fabric and grippy sole. They’re last on this list because due to their popularity, they aren’t always available. This model often sells out and for good reason. Not only is the high-top design stylish, but the fabric is machine washable and flexible enough to comfortably embrace all movements.

We barely scratched the surface of all that All Birds has to offer in this article. Not only do they provide high-quality women’s shoes among other products, but they also prioritize taking care of the planet and giving back. They’re certainly a brand to admire in our books.